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  • Hi,

    interested in the M-Bus protocol ?

    I have a M-Bus parser (and plan to develop) the writer for m-bus.

    So my question is do this as a separate module on or here?



  • Hi Arne,

    We have a number of priorities that we are working on, but if you have a protocol implementation already, it might be worth looking into.

  • I've got time.
    And I think I will do it in the next half year...
    I will download the mango sources and start to play with it.


  • That's what we like to hear! :)

  • You'll probably be interested in one of our devices: Mbus-to-Modbus gateway.
    It read values from one or more Mbus devices and put that values on modbus registers, all automatically done at regular intervals.

    You can find more info at

    Hope this help.

  • Thanks, but Arne already came through. He contributed an mbus data source a while ago.

  • Ah ok, communicate directly using Mbus protocol surely is the better solution.
    I've installed Mango software but I haven't find Mbus datasource..
    Is there an additional tool to install or is it a commercial datasource?

    Thankyou for your help

  • There is a switch somewhere (I can't remember),

    curently I'm implementing communication via TCP/IP and secondary addressing (Project homepage is

    I think that I will release this early next year.


  • Click on the SQL menu item, and then enter this:

    insert into systemSettings (settingName, settingValue) values ('M_BUS.display', 'Y')

    You should then see the data source in the list.

    Arne, please let me know when you believe this to be ready to be enabled by default.

  • Hello.

    In the last version of Mango, the MBus driver seems to work fine (is able to search the MBus devices in the network), but when trying to add points... it indicates that "No contextual field found for key address", and won't add the point.

    Am I missing something there?

    Thanks in advance.

  • It is a bug in the code some constraints are not met and the errorhandling in the jsp goes astray....

    I did some enhancements (TCP|IP and secondary addressing) but the code is not released yet ... It mostly depends on the next version of mango, if there will be a version 1.12 it will be fast, if the next version is 2.0 it will take some time ...


  • @apl: There is already 1.12 version :) You are late!