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  • I see that the option for an ICMP module has been suggested before (

    I think a simple 'ping' module would be great. Just using ICMP, it should be possible to determine:

    • Up/Down state
    • Number of Hops
    • Packet Loss
    • Round Trip Time

    I currently use a 3rd party monitoring tool to keep an eye on remote sites and devices but it would be great to have this information in Mango.

    Maybe this could be added on to the SNMP module.


  • +1

    This would be handy for implementations where SNMP products such as OpenNMS would be overkill and most likely hard on system resources. For instance if you were running Mango on an embedded system such as a raspberry pie.


  • I could certainly be tempted into making an operating system dependent module for this task... just write a way to extract data from useful nmap commands. That would be my naive hack, since it seems Java frays a little when it comes to controlling network actions directly.