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Difference getProperty and readProperty

  • Hi,

    I would like to know what the difference between getProperty and readProperty is?

  • I've already the next question (not sure if it'd be better to open a new thread for every question or summarize it, I don't want to spam the forum)

    What is the most elegant way to discover the properties of an object?
    I already read this thread: If I understood this right there are two ways:

    1. readProperty() with PropertyIdentifier.all . The Problem I have with this is that both VTS and SlaveDeviceTest don't know that property.
    2. readProperty() for every single property (341 are implemented in BACnet4J). That seems not very elegant to me.

    And if I know a property is present at the RemoteObject, how do I know if the property is just readable or also writeable.

    Concerning my first post in this thread: Both in VTS and Wireshark show that getProperty() sends a ReadProperty-Message.


  • Next question, in hopes that I get an answer eventually ;)

    Is it possible to detect which type data has to be I want to write?