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  • I'm trying to read and write to a PLC via a gateway using modbus4j. I've gotten the read function to work, but I'm not getting anywhere on the setValue() method. I've tried various variations of this:

    IpParameters params = new IpParameters();
    //create modbus TCP master
    ModbusMaster master = new ModbusFactory().createTcpMaster(params, false);
    int regValue=0;
    regValue = regValue | 1 << 0;
    ModbusLocator loc0 = new ModbusLocator(1,RegisterRange.HOLDING_REGISTER,0,DataType.TWO_BYTE_INT_UNSIGNED);

    Also the getValue() method only works sporadically maybe 30% of the time I call getValue() I get the response I expect, and the other times I get all 0s out.


    Am I misunderstanding some aspect of the get and set value methods? Thanks.