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Water Scheme Telemetry System

  • Hi Guys, I thought I'd share a project I'm working on with Mango at the core...

    I'm using MOXA ioLogik E1200 series MODBUS over IP i/o units. They work great talking to Mango!

    I'm waiting on more parts to complete the installs of the other sites and then I need to work out some additional logic where if a solenoid valve is switched one way the level indicator from the upstream tank in that direction controls the feeding pump and visa versa if the solenoid valve is switched in the other direction.

    We are also using Mango software to monitor some solar powered (1 mains powered) radio huts on a minesite in the middle of nowhere, monitoring both Midnite Solar Regulators and BeOne Genset controllers using MODBUS over IP back to Mango.

    I've found Mango software to be extremely reliable and stable.


  • Thanks for sharing!

  • The Water Scheme I've been working on is almost complete...
    Attached is the latest layout, I changed from a logical block layout to a phyisical map overlay from the farmer's mapping software, so now they can clearly see where everything is and the whole system is alot easier to operate.

    I've done all the automation in using the script system now that I know how to work it ;-P Thanks to Joel etc for helping me through that stage of it.

    The tanks can be switched to AUTO or MANUAL. In AUTO mode they start to fill if the water level is below the Low Level and I've recently added a schedule for Peak and Off Peak power metering so that they can take advantage of Off Peak rates which are currently a third of On Peak rates!!

    You can see everything on one page and if a pumps running or which way the solenoids are switched.

    What a great product Mango is, extremely easy to use for the end user once you've setup the background stuff.

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  • Looks great Dan!

    May I ask what you are using to (wirelessly, I assume) transmit your data?

  • Gidday, sure. I'm using a 5GHz Ubiquiti system. This gear is rock solid, I've been using it for years to link stuff together.

    Ubiquiti Rocket M5 with omni antenna at the Top Tank site, then all the other sites can see the Top Tank hill site including the farmhouse where the equipment running Mango is, all use Ubiquiti M5 Nanobeams.

    A couple of the sites are running solar so I'm using injectors to provide PoE from a 12VDC supply, these are excellent and very cost effective. And DIN mount as with the Moxas etc.


  • A couple of photos of the sites...

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  • Driveway Tank Site - now has an HD Infrared Ubiquiti Camera on the driveway running over the same network ;-)

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  • Solar Pump Site

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  • Hi Dan

    Cool, we tend to use Mikrotik gear (just because we have a good support relationship with the supplier) and I have done a few little PtP links on cattle stations etc.

    It's a shame you aren't in Perth, we could definitely find some mutual ground and opportunities! We have a big solar powered bore pumping project going on at the moment with some hairy comms challenges. Amongst other things..


  • I'm in Gladstone, QLD - happy to travel..

  • Hi Dan,

    I'll send you a private message,