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  • Hi All,

    I have successfully linked my arduino through th Mango on modbus but now I need some help with my graphics/setup, so far I have 3x meters displaying my data from unsigned integer registers:

    1. Even though i'm reading unsigned integers the graphics are displaying float values, how do i remove the decimal places?
    2. How do you use the multistate graphics? I have an unigned integer for status which i should be able to use to display 4 different images for the values 0-4? all i get is the lego brick with a warning "The point for this component is missing or invalid", i have filled in the adress as i did for the analog meters I am using. is this because of the decimal above?
    3. Is there any other libraries for graphics I can download for better meters etc?
    4. Is there any help for this software? There seems to be loads on connecting and networking but not much on actual graphics creation?

    Many thanks,


  • Hi Lee,

    1. To modify the display of the analog value, you can set a text renderer format string. To do this, edit the data point; set the text-renderer to "Analog" and set your format string to 0.0 (1 decimal place, always leading 0 i.e. "0.1" as opposed to #.0 --> .1) or something like that. Additional format strings are presented in the help documentation for the text renderer; save the data point.

    2. Is the data point enabled? Is its data source enabled?

    3. There is the sstGraphics library available on the store:

    4. We do provide support for the graphical views, but it has been a while since there was development on it active enough to write home about. You may be interested to know the graphical views is an open source module: views Our preference for providing support is to do so on these forums, but for more sensitive or major projects you can also email or call us. Support here is free and I do my best to get people's questions answered, where phone support can begin to have a cost per unit time after a certain level.

  • Hi Phil,

    Appologies for the belated reply, I've been working away. The text renderer works for my analogs. Thankyou

    Yes the data source is enabled, I can the values changing when I hover over the multistate graphic "Lego brick" with the mouse cursor. I've also used the text renderer to remove the decimal place but this doesn't help either. any more ideas?

    I'll have a look at the libraries thanks very much for the pointer.

    Best Regards,


  • @LeeOutram said:

    I've also used the text renderer to remove the decimal place but this doesn't help either. any more ideas?

    Sounds like you just need to set the 'multiplier' value in the data point properties to shift the decimal. Ie a setting of 10 will change your value from 123.4 to 1234.

    Its typical for manufactures to define modbus registers as an integer with a multiplication factor. Perhaps whoever wrote your Arduino modbus library has done the same.