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Segmented Answer -> Timeout while waiting for APDU id

  • Hello,

    i am struggling with sending segmented answers:

    I implemented a "virtual" local device with some objects and testing it with various test-clients like "BrightCore BACnet Lookout" or "WAGO BACnet Configurator".

    Everything is fine until I have around 300 BacNetObjects so that the answer to this request ```
    Confirmed-REQ readProperty[ 1] device,1234 object-list

    has to be segmented. BACnet4J sends back the first segment ```
    Complex-ACK     readProperty[  1]  (Message fragment 0)
    ``` and wait for an ACK, which
    is visible in wireshark (```
    ```), but not recognized by BACnet4J.
    After 3 retries i got a timeout  :cry: 
    i am debugging in eclipse alot, but i cant figure out why the Segment-ACK-Answer from my client is ignored.
    Any suggestions?
    Thank you!