I'm facing a problem. My slave doesn't support function 0x16 so I would prefer mango to use function 0x06 instead.
i've notice that Mango uses it when writing a integer value to a register but uses 0x16 to write a "BIT" value (The Data point is declared as a holding Register, but a simple bit si addressed)?

Does anybody knows why ?

isn't it possible to force use of function 0x06 to when writing to only one register ?

Thanks, i'm not good in java and i cannot imagine put my hand in the code ... :-(


Examples :

below I try to write value 1 to bit 1 of holding register 7 into slave 3

2014/04/07-18:50:42,920 O 03160007fffd0002e23a
2014/04/07-18:50:42,965 I 0396512f9c

My slave responds with an error because it doesn't handle function 16

Below when i try to write integer value 2 to same register 7 (my locator is then declared as a 2 byte integer value)

2014/04/07-19:06:49,813 O 030600070002b828
2014/04/07-19:06:49,848 I 030600070002b828

... Then it works