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  • One of my datasources has 300+ points. When you need to edit a bunch of them on the datasource edit page(for instance set COV for points of bacnet DS), you click on the edit icon to the right of the point. But the edit panel is always aligned at the top of all the points, so when you click on point edit you have to scroll all the way to the top to change the settings and save it. Then back down to the next point to click edit and then back up to the top, etc. It would be convenient if the point edit panel would float down next to the point you wanted edit.

    Same sort of thing when adding points to a bacnet DS you browse the device, it has a huge list of points, you click add point from the browse list then have to scroll down(7 pages sometimes) to save it, then back to the top to add the next point, and so forth. Would be nice here as well if the point edit panel floated to where you just clicked add point from the device browser. An option for just "Add All Points From Device" would also be helpful.

  • This isn't exactly what you are looking for, but version 1.6.0 will have a import/export utility for data source and point configuration. (Other configuration will follow depending upon how users respond to the initial implementation.) The intention of the utility is to address issues of managing very large configurations, or configurations that are repeated across installations. (Not to mention backups.)

    The only part of your request that this won't address - i believe - is the "add all points from device", which is a good separate suggestion. I'm interested in hearing what you think of the import/export approach in contrast to interface usability enhancements though.

  • Well yeah! Hell yeah! :-)

    with this as an option I don't think many people would use the HMI for configuring points any longer. I won't especially for large configurations.

    and yeah this absolutely saves in backing up large configurations because once you have configured your app and collected point data for a while you want to just backup any config changes and not necessarily the point data which I was doing through sql.

    We'll still have to backup views correct? We have very complex views I would like to backup this way so hopefully that will be next on the agenda.

    I know one step at a time ;-)

    Looking forward to this!

    Is the import/export done with xml files? or something else?

  • The configuration is exported to JSON. See I realize this format is not nearly as widespread as XML, but it provides a much clearer mapping to lists, objects, and maps. In the future we offer to export to XML as an option, but we'll wait to hear what people thing of how it is first.

    Thanks for your feedback.