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  • Hi everyone,

    I'm new with BACnet(4J) and have some problems.

    So I've started the "SlaveDeviceTest" and I see the I-AM packet in Wireshark and also VTS. Everything fine so far! But the example isn't answering to a WHO-IS-request by VTS. If I'm right, the stack should answering automatically. Is that correct?

    One more question:
    Do I have to add a listener?

    localDevice.getEventHandler().addListener(new Listener());

    What happens, if I don't do that? Are there evenhandler by default?

    Sorry for my english, it's my first post in a discussion board in that language. But I hope my problem is unerstandable :)

    Regards from Germany

  • Ok, now I'm really confused! I have a desktop PC and a laptop. If I run VTS on the PC and the SlaveDeviceTest on the laptop the Device is answering to the Who-Is. But if the SlaveDevice is running on the PC and VTS on the laptop it's not answering.

    Any idea? Both Systems are Win7 professional and I'm using eclipse for programming.