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A Simple Serial Port Protocol

  • Protocol:
    It would be great to many people if you had a standard serial port protocol capable of phasing and sending strings. A serial protocol may include, com port, connection speed, startup send string (if any), and polling interval/ update on string received.

    To add points you could assign a name and then use RegEx expression to phase the value out of the captured com string. Also per point you could have the ability to send a command (if needed) to trigger the data to be sent…

    The VK01 serial temperature reader can be connected via a com port at 9600 baud. This reader has 4 temperature sensor connecting points. After connected to the device (after if has been configured) every two seconds the device spits out a string of all four temperature reading values. Looking like this:

    Sensor 1,+51.57, DegF, Hi, +198.16, DegF, Low, -155.33, DegF,
    Sensor 2,+71.93, DegF, Hi, +191.86, DegF, Low, -157.00, DegF,
    Sensor 3,+64.96, DegF, Hi, +185.00, DegF, Low, +29.75, DegF,
    Sensor 4,+116.15, DegF, Hi, +185.00, DegF, Low, +29.75, DegF,

    Using RegEx, one could filter and create a point value for each sensor. From the example above, you could also create points for the High and Low values reported for each sensor. This example would require no string values to be sent.

    There are many more devices which would work off this protocol including zwave, and x10 lighting. My intent with a protocol such as this would be to connect it to the ELK MK1 security/automation controller. This device is capable of sending any sort of ASCII characters to a comport device based on triggers defined in the system. It can also start events based on any strings received.

  • This is getting into the realm of work that would be funded.

  • Ok, if its funded who owns the rights to it? How much?

  • To own the rights to it you need to buy an extended commercial license (the one with the source code). Then, anyone can build the driver, not just Serotonin.

    If you don't need to own it you would effectively commission its development for inclusion in the commercial version. (Several other features of Mango were built this way.) Something like this would cost around $1 - 1.5 K CAD.