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  • Is it possible to be able to name event detectors so that the detected event name is also displayed in the Alarms page? If the temperature outside is below 32 degrease, and I have an event detector set to provide an “information warning” about this scenario, the current information event may say something like this:

    *The “Outside Temperature” has been below “32 degrease” for more then “1 second.” *

    This is great, but it would be nice to have the ability to name this event. A nice way to display this in the alarm page may look like this:

    Event: “Below Freezing Outside”
    The “Outside Temperature” has been below “32 degrease” for more then “1 second.”

    This is a basic example, but someone who is operating a device may not know what the points are for a certain event. If you could name the event detector, the operator would know exactly what this warning is about.

  • Good call. This will be in 1.6.0

  • With this said, perhaps you could take this name and have it display in the "Compound event detector" section instead of the code. This would aide in the ability to review compoind events without knowing the codes....