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Question concerning the versions of Mango and theses licences

  • Hello,

    I'm a lttle bit lost with the different type of Mango software that exists.
    I've started with Mango, one year ago, by downloading it on this page :
    It works well (despite some problems on Modbus but not blocking) but I guess that the modular version is adding intersting improvements so I decided to test it too. I downoloded it here :

    As i intend to use it at home, with less than 3 adresses, I think i'm abble to use it without licensing, but I have a doubt concerning the modules : even if they have "a price" in theyr description, can I use them in my personal project ? Will they work forever ?

    Thanks for your clarifications, and once again "bravo" for this amazing project !!


  • If your mango core is running in free mode, you should be able to run all the modules without licensing issues in free mode as well. However, just as there are some restrictions (like volume of data points) for the free mango core, there are similar limitations on a few of the modules.

  • Hi Phildunlap,

    In fact I on't realy know if my core is runnning in Free Mode ... I've just untar it and launched ./ ... and it works !
    I just hope It is not running in trial mode.

    Anyway thanks for the explanation, it sounds good.


  • I have the same problem! I've tried to upgrade to the new version but get a system error when trying to access public view. (error on line 37)

  • I tried to read scripts help but something wrong in my installation shows "scheduled events" help ...

    brain dumps [url=]braindumps mcat practice tests [url=]mcat practice tests

  • Most of the context help popups exist on our wiki (all the core ones, for sure). You can access the scripting datasource help at