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Mango + Raspberry Pi + DS18B20

  • Hello,

    I have recently bought a raspberry to add some more finctionalities (and more power than with arduino !) to my home.

    The goal is to add video support in order to be abble to view what's happening when I'm away ... actualy I should say : "To experiment some funny things !" as viewing my home when I'm at work is not particulary usefyull, AMHA ...

    I have resumed the way to install a camera on PI, wich is not the goal of this post, and how to capture the temperature of a DS18B20 chip connected to the Pi by using Mango.

    I you want to see it, it's here :


  • Thanks for your post - Glad you are sharing your knowledge with the community.

    BTW, you might experiment with mango automation on the Pi, as it has some speed improvements. How has the speed been for you?


    Steve D

  • Hello,

    In fact I have frequent errors with the Modbus and I guess this could be caused by a lack of power on the Alix board.
    I've googlelized those day to know wich CPU is faster beetween GFeode (On Alix) and ARmv7 but nothing has conviced me enough to switch to Pi.

    But you're right, I will try and let everybody know which one suits best to Mango, by the way I'm running Mango for one year now and this is time to change :lol:

    Another solution should be to swicth directly to BBB ( Black) , for 10 more bucks there are some intersting improvement vs Pi, starting by ... more power !