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  • It would be nice if once you silence an alarm, then switch to another page, the alarm would stay silenced unless a new alarm show up. Currently, if I silence an alarm, and move to another screen, the alarm starts to “ding” again.

  • The question is: when would you then start hearing the alarm again? Once the event is taken care of, users are unlikely to remember to turn the sound back on.

  • The SCADA systems I have used will alarm for each new event. If you click the alarm indictor you are taken to a list of active alarms. Once you are viewing the active alarms, you can silence the individual alarm. If all individual alarms are silenced, there is no more noise. If a new event shows up, the alarm then goes off.

    Or, once you click silence, it is silenced until a new alarm is triggered (change) or the event goes back to a normal state and does not sound until it is retriggered.

  • This will be in version 1.6.0