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Multiple selection and move in Point Hierarchy

  • Dear Mango Users and Developers,

    how would I go about on implementing multiple point selection, e.g. via control-click, and moving of multiple point selections to another folder in the point hierarchy page?

    I gather from the pointHierarchy.jsp that a click on a point is handled by the onTitleClick function in TreeNode.js. Now I am thinking whether this click could handle a key-modified click... Problem is mainly: old version, no doc. I am running a rather old version of mango 1.12.2 with dojo 0.4.2. Do you think it would be better to load a more recent dojo for this task? I tried loading a recent and compressed dojo in the pointHierarchy.jsp, but that one fails - I assume because dojo is already loaded in the parent tag:page. Did someone already implement a similar feature using the old dojo?

    Thanks and Best Regards,
    Michael Bach

  • For the record, this appears to have been implemented.

  • I also implemented it a while ago using jsTree. If someone is interested (since it is an old Mango 1.12.4) just PM me.