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Is BACnet4J 2.0 ready for usage? (MS/TP!)

  • I wanted to upgrade my BACnet4J.jar file and noticed on the
    CVS repo that there's some commit for the BACnet4J 2.0. (With sweet sweet MS/TP support)

    If it is, may I inquire on what might be causing this error when trying to build?

    error: cannot find symbol
        [javac] import;
        [javac]              ^
        [javac]   symbol:   class SerialPort
        [javac]   location: package

    I've double checked and RXTXcomm.jar is indeed in the lib-opt directory.

    Thank you very much in advance!

  • Hmm, i can only assume that somewhere in my ant classpath is the RXTX lib, perhaps in the JVM that it references. So, it's a fluke that it works for me. You can always add the lib/RXTX jar into the build script. That should clear things up.