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Browser compatibility check

  • Hi ,
    We have installed mango to a 2008 SP2 server.
    A pc is accesing the server through proxy but every 5 minutes the page times out. We found that is a proxy problem. When we exclude the ip of the server from the proxy (direct access to server) the timeout stops , but then the login page of mango cannot check the browser compatibility (no proxy no internet) and if we login, mango does not work well. No graphics on graphics view, no dropdown menus etc.

    Can we disable the check and if we can, will this resolve the problem , or mango needs the pc to have internet to work.


  • To use MA with a browser without internet connectivity, you need to include the dojo module, which will provide the dojo libraries that otherwise would be loaded from a CDN.

  • Works like a charm :D