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  • Good morning folks;

    First post here so here it goes. No laughing, please! :D

    As a test I got Mango to run on my daily driver laptop with Ubuntu 11.10 on it.

    Was pretty straight forward. Downloaded the app and a couple modules, unpacked the core file, copied the modules into the right place and fired it up, after changing a conflicting port assignment on tomcat.

    It ran all day yesterday and seemed fine.

    I could not get it running on an Archlinux Pi due to a jdk dependency issue from a missing package on the repository (sqlite). I abandoned that effort and wrote a fresh Raspbian "Wheezy" to a fresh SD card for my #1 Pi. Mango installed fine as it did on the Archlinux Pi. I fired it off with the start script and it has not errored but is still loading after 10 minutes or so. Not sure if it is hung up or what but it has not bailed out. I just killed and restarted it after 45 minutes it gets hung up at this line, apparently permanently:

    INFO 2013-01-18 11:30:33,706 ( - (dglux) Found updated file(s) at [/home/tomw/Mango/web/modules/dglux/classes/]. Reloading properties

    So, what brands of Linux are folks using with Mango on the Pi?

    Getting it fired up on my laptop has me believing it is a simple issue on the Pi releases I am using.

    Thanks for any info. I am very interested in getting Mango running on a Pi to monitor my Midnite Solar Classic MPPT Controller.


  • Well, I got it going, thanks to stephendv via a thread on the Midnite Solar forum where we were discussing this.

    It seems it was mostly it needed jdk1.8.0 from Oracle. Using A fresh install of latest Raspbian "Wheezy" on a gen 2 Pi with 512 RAM.

    Now on to figuring out the interface. I haven't found a tutorial for getting started with the interface. Got it logging volts amps and watts to the battery while I get up to speed on using Mango.

    My logged values are generally XX.XX or XX.X but I get values in the data like 26.200000000000003? Any simple fix for how many digits past the . to use?

    Just an update in case others are following the progress.


  • Hi Tom,

    We have a tutorial video dealing with point setup here:

    Also look through our vimeo page to see other videos:

    To get your points to format correctly just go to point details and adjust the "Text rendering properties." The "?" help file with give you all the info you need, but basically for an XX.XX rendering you would put "#0.00" (no quotes). The suffix will give you the units you desire.

    I've seen your posts on the forum too. Glad your making Mango Pi - and I hope it tastes good...

    Cheers :lol:

  • Steve;

    I have been looking at those videos you linked.

    They are helping me sort it out. I am trying to import data from a smallish cluster of CAI Webcontrol boards. I can get this data via a wget script and an url to a cgi script on the CAI boards. So I downloaded the newest HTTP module and stuck the file in the web/modules directory. Perhaps I don't need this module to use a local script to gather numeric data via wget?

    This seems to have broken the "help" icons? I get this error:

    Document file not found: web/WEB-INF/dox/welcomeToMango.htm

    I see lots of files in /opt/mango/web/WEB-INF/, including "welcomeToMango.htm" so I am not sure what has happened or why?

    They seemed to work before I added the HTTP module? I removed the http directory thinking it was the problem but after a restart still does not work.

    Any ideas on this?




    This problem was solved in this thread:


  • Hi Tom,

    I just talked with Joel about this. Could you please start another thread to post your questions about the help file? We are working to fill out the forum with the various FAQ's people have during installation. He will post a new file with will solve the issue your having.

    Take care