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Mango + arduino uno + wifi shield and http retriever

  • Been fumbling around with this for a while. Finally got it to work. Using 64 bit Windows 7, mango 1.13.0 and arduino uno R3 plus arduino wifi shield. I am by no means an expert but if someone is working on something similar I might be able to help out if you get stuck.

  • Can you clarify your system a little bit more? The arduino is running Window 7 or your arduino is communicating to a Windows 7 PC?

    I have a PC "on" 24/7 and would like to reduce my electrical footprint drastically. I now have a wireless printer, so there is no need to have my PC on other than hosting Mango for data collection of various systems. So I've been looking at other options such as Foxconn Atom D425 like this :

    I have always benn interested in the arduino, so if that can be a solution, I like that.

    Or, if any one is running (or has an opinion) Mango on a booksize PC like above, I would be interested in your comments as well.



  • Mike...sorry, my application is windows 7 pc running mango which communicates over home wifi network with arduino+wifi shield.