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  • Hi,

    We have an ALC system that has a bunch of BACnet devices on ALC lan gatways (LGR). The gateways have ethernet, ARCnet, and MSTP. According to WebControl:

    BACnet/ARCNET Network Number: 2478
    BACnet/IP Network Number: 2400
    BACnet/MSTP Network Number 2475

    What I tried to do, to begin, was this:

    LocalDevice localDevice = new LocalDevice( 2400, LGR_IP_STRING ); /* for example "" */
    localDevice.setPort( 47808 );
    localDevice.sendBroadcast(47808, new WhoIsRequest(null, null));
    Thread.sleep( 5000 );
    System.out.println("Dumping remote devices");
    for(RemoteDevice rd : localDevice.getRemoteDevices())

    but that shows me no devices.

    What I want to figure out is how do I connect to this gateway and ask it to tell me what devices it knows about on the MSTP and ARCNET networks ... then, eventually, dump the available properties on them.

    This router is behind a complicated IP network, so broadcasts to it may simply not work ... if that's the case how do I skip the broadcast, do I add a RemoteDevice manually?


  • If WhoIs is not working and you know the details of the devices you want to communicate with, you can "manually discover" them using the LocalDevice.findRemoteDevice method.

  • Is findRemoteDevice in an older/newer version perhaps? I have bacnet4j 1.2. I don't have such a method.

  • It's newer. Download the latest jar from SF (or the SF CVS) and try that.