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  • Hi,

    I defined a trend log object in bacnet slave application this like

            BACnetObject ai0 = new BACnetObject(localDevice, localDevice.getNextInstanceObjectIdentifier(ObjectType.trendLog));
            ai0.setProperty(PropertyIdentifier.enable, new Boolean(true));
            ai0.setProperty(PropertyIdentifier.stopWhenFull, new Boolean(true));
            ai0.setProperty(PropertyIdentifier.bufferSize, new UnsignedInteger(20));
            ai0.setProperty(PropertyIdentifier.recordCount, new UnsignedInteger(0));
            ai0.setProperty(PropertyIdentifier.totalRecordCount, new UnsignedInteger(0));
            ai0.setProperty(PropertyIdentifier.notificationThreshold, new UnsignedInteger(4));
            ai0.setProperty(PropertyIdentifier.loggingType, LoggingType.polled);

    And I added value to ai0 object this like

                SequenceOf<LogRecord> lrs = (SequenceOf<LogRecord>) ai0.getProperty(PropertyIdentifier.logBuffer);
                ai0.setProperty(PropertyIdentifier.recordCount, new UnsignedInteger(count));
                ai0.setProperty(PropertyIdentifier.totalRecordCount, new UnsignedInteger(count));
                LogRecord lr = new LogRecord(new DateTime(System.currentTimeMillis()), true, new Real(ai0value), new StatusFlags(false, false, false, false));

    I think, when record count value is reach the notificationThreshold value(in example this value is setted 4) Buffer_Ready notification event can be sent. Buffer_Ready notification event will be either automaticly sent by bacnet4j or manually in program. How can I send Buffer_Ready event notification

  • A trend log in a BACnet4J should really be a subclass of the BACnetObject class, like the existing FileObject.

  • So sorry I can not understand that "subclass of the BACnetObject class".

  • Trend log object is working in bacnet4j, isn't it. Have you ever anyone test it before.

    I need help about trend log.