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PropertyArrayIndex=null with SlaveDeviceTest

  • I have downloaded and run bacnet4J 1.2, then I have tried to run the SlaveDeviceTest together with the DiscoveryTest. Of course, I have adjusted the IP address.
    This is my output:

    IAm receivedRemoteDevice(instanceNumber=1968, address=Address(networkNumber=0, macAddress=[a,1,a,47,8,14]), network=null)
    ObjectPropertyReference(objectIdentifier=Analog Input 0, propertyIdentifier=Object name, propertyArrayIndex=null)
    ObjectPropertyReference(objectIdentifier=Analog Input 0, propertyIdentifier=Units, propertyArrayIndex=null)
    ObjectPropertyReference(objectIdentifier=Analog Input 0, propertyIdentifier=Present value, propertyArrayIndex=null)
    RemoteDevice(instanceNumber=1968, address=Address(networkNumber=0, macAddress=[a,1,a,47,8,14]), network=null)

    This is my code on SlaveDeviceTest

            BACnetObject ai0x = new BACnetObject(localDevice,
            ai0x.setProperty(PropertyIdentifier.objectName, new CharacterString("AAAAAaaaaAAAA"));
            ai0x.setProperty(PropertyIdentifier.units, EngineeringUnits.centimeters);

    My question is: why is the propertyArray null? Shouldn't it contain my values instead?


  • No. An ObjectPropertyReference is a reference to an object property, as the name would suggest. It is not the property value. It is the propertyArrayIndex that is null. A reference does not have a propertyArray.

  • Thanks! My next question is: how do I get the object property/propertyArray/whathever contains my values?

    This is the code from DiscoveryTest:

            for (RemoteDevice d : localDevice.getRemoteDevices()) {
                List<ObjectIdentifier> oids = ((SequenceOf<ObjectIdentifier>) localDevice.sendReadPropertyAllowNull(d, d
                        .getObjectIdentifier(), PropertyIdentifier.objectList)).getValues();
                PropertyReferences refs = new PropertyReferences();
                for (ObjectIdentifier oid : oids)
                    addPropertyReferences(refs, oid);
                PropertyValues pvs = localDevice.readProperties(d, refs);
                // pvs.
                Iterator<ObjectPropertyReference> i=pvs.iterator();
                while (i.hasNext()){

  • That's pretty much it, yes.

  • On the SlaveDeviceTest, I have set

    ai0x.setProperty(PropertyIdentifier.objectName, new CharacterString("AAAAAaaaaAAAA"));  
    ai0x.setProperty(PropertyIdentifier.units, EngineeringUnits.centimeters); 

    How do I get them on the DiscoveryTest?

  • To clarify: I don't know how to get the property values. The code posted prints the reference instead of the actual values...

    Please let me know how to rectify this, thanks.

  •     PropertyValues pvs = localDevice.readProperties(d, refs);  
        Iterator&lt;ObjectPropertyReference&gt; i=pvs.iterator();  
        while (i.hasNext()){  
            PropertyValue pv = pvs.get(;

  • It works! Many thanks! :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: