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  • Dear Mango Users and Developers,

    We are running Mango M2M 1.13.

    We are trying to produce a custom view with relative positioning of elements, so that the graphical view may be viewable on displays for which it was not optimized (i.e. it should scale on resizing).

    I created a toy graphical view with a button and found the corresponding <div> element. I noticed the style field inside the div element:
    <div> id="c4" class="selectable" onclick="markViewComponent(this, event);" style="position: absolute; left: 394px; top: 114px; z-index: 0;" >

    Now I wanted to ask if someone already thought on / implemented already a relative positioning feature. If not, could you give me hints or tips on where to look next? I am thinking of something along the lines of style="position: relative; ...". But then this is not relative to window size but to its "normal" position AFAIK... I would like to get more familiar with Mango and web development in general by solving this problem.

    Ideally, there should be the ability to set the positioning from the settings editor in p.u. (per unit), e.g. x=0.5, y=0.6, z=0 relative to the current browser window size. As it is now, there are three forms for absolute positioning in the simple point settings editor.

    If I was more proficient in JavaScript and knew the Mango system better I would also consider calculating the positions on the fly after the window has been resized, i.e. update absolute position values for each view component (?).

    Best Regards,