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Modbus and MySQL Management

  • Hi JJoel Haggar
    Mango'm testing on different lines and I have some ideas to improve proguntas handle:

    1. I have a power meter and voltages Shark 100 with Modbus RTU and want to read your data every second, to take actions based on the values read, but I NOT need to record the data in the MySQL database every second. This overload of data tables. Relevant data should I record in the other table or schema every 15 minutes. How do I do?

    2. Mango supports arrays of variables or arrays of data points? for example, I want to load an array as Mem [1 .. 16] with correlation data memory map Modbus registers 1000 to 1032, where data point Mem [1] to Mem [16] are loaded in block.

    Best regards.

    Erwin Flores
    Telemetry - Guatemala

    1. On the data point edit page under "logging properties", try "interval" logging.

    2. No, Mango does not currently support array or object data types.