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  • Hi all,

    What is the best way to scale data in Mango?

    Getting RAW data from my new ADAM - 2031 Zigbee wireless temperature/humidity sensor node.
    The RAW data is 0 - 65535.

    The formula is Degrees C = -46.85 + 175.72 * [RAW TEMP] / 65535

    I have this working by means of:
    Creating a new Virtual Data Source "Scaled data"
    Creating a new Data Point called "Converted temp", which is settable, numeric, no change and start value of 0.
    Create a Point Link with Source as "2031 - RAW data" and Target as "Scaled Data - Converted Temp"
    Create a script in this Point link containing the script "return -46.85 + 175.72 * source.value/65535"

    Is this the easiest way to do these conversions? Seems very cumbersome.

  • Yes, that is one way of doing it. And unless your point is in a modbus data source, the only way (besides doing something similar with meta points). Modbus points have linear conversion built it.

  • They are MODBUS points, but in point settings, I can only see multiply and add (or subtract).
    I don't think I can do the above equation there. Am I missing something?

    I have checked out meta points, and yea, that method is pretty much the same as using point links.

  • Your augend would be -46.85, and the multiplicand would be 0.00268 (175.72 / 65535).