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  • I am not using Mango Automation currently, however, I'm considering purchasing it for work. I'm using the JSP portion of Mango pretty heavily now, and was wondering if there were any improvements to that side in Mango Automation. I specifically would like to have a way to get arbitrary historical data on a jsp page, without writing a SQL/AJAX interface.

    Andrew Rodgers

  • Hi Andrew,

    No, there currently is not a way to get arbitrary history using the JSP views functionality in either M2M or MA. If such were to be added, what would your requirements be? Just point data or attributes as well? Also, would you need just history by point, or would you want values for multiple points collated together?

  • Frankly anything would be great, I would love to hae the context added as a scriptpoint, or perhaps an optional parameter for scriptpoint. It would be really great to expose the class/prototype that is used in the metapoints context. (Sorry JS is not my first language)
    Would you recommend any other path for developing custom HTML5 dashboards? I can load historical data using a php script that generates JSON data from the same DB, but then I have to write a wrapper to use the JSON object as a stack, putting new values from the scriptpoint update on the end and slicing the front.

    I will PM you a link to what I have done so far.
    What do you mean by attributes?
    I personally would want the data segregated as finely as possible, AJAX calls aren't that expensive, and I have the hardware to back it up, I just prefer any DB queries to go through Mango's Queue rather than interjecting from another application layer.
    It would also be great to expose an Alarms object that could be formatted however desired.
    Also, have you updated DOJO in automation? In the link I'm sending you, I've tried to add modal windows, and the version of DOJO installed doesn't seem to support the documented modal system, and when I load a later version dojo, it screws up other things...

    Thanks for your time and reply!
    Andrew Rodgers

  • Hi Andrew,

    We are considering developing an API module for MA. Not sure about the details (REST vs RPC mostly), but the idea would be to programmatically open up pretty much anything in MA. Sort of the way that import/export works, but different.

    Also, have you updated DOJO in automation?
    It might not be the most recent, but it is pretty recent. It was updated over the summer, so it couldn't be too far off just yet. The AMD stuff wasn't done - another thing on the list.

  • My vote is on REST :) But that's probably because I like webapps. I didn't realize the AMD stuff was that recent, I'm just happy you knew what I was talking about!

    Looking forward to further developments!


  • Ok, we'll add a few points to the REST ledger. We might end up doing both since we have libraries of code sitting around to do RPC.