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Differences between the Properties of diverse bacNetDevice Manufacturer

  • Hello,

    You cant use the same code for different Manufactorers.

    So I want to set up a Properties File from which you can get the correct and neccessary values to control a device.

    so i have a map with

    key: String (manufacturer)
    value: Propertie

    so i got maybe a file called: :

    temperature_sensor= ???
    open_window= ???

    In another class i have some methods, for example: getTemperature(RemoteDevice d, String manufactorer)
    so i send a ReadPropertyRequest in this method using the value of the entry of temperature_sensor, so that i can get the ObjectIdentifier from it

    my question is: Do different manufacturers's devices only differ in ObjectIdentifier, or do they also differ in ObjectType or in a writePropertyRequest in

    PropertyIdentifier propertyIdentifier,
    UnsignedInteger propertyArrayIndex

    ( so i want to know what i have to write as value into the properties )