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Some suggestions - new name, faster support

  • Hi, I'm loving Mango, and it seems a great piece of software, very well written and works great.

    I love open-source, and this is great software, so well done to the developers. I'm only trying to point out some ideas I've had while looking at this for my project.

    Here's my feedback on it's not-so-great aspects.

    1. The name Mango, get's swamped in google searches, making it hard to connect with other users or to get a feel for the installed base. Try searching mango on google or youtube, of course you just get millions of links about mangoes. Maybe make the name MangoSCADA, or MangoM2M.

    2. Support is hit-n-miss. Not to denigrate any help that is provided, which is great. The active user or developer community seems to be so small, that getting help from the forums is slow. Which makes it hard to justify a business case for its implementation. It also does not bode well for any commercial support arrangements if non-commercial support is so limited.

    3. The development status and direction is unclear. Its relation to SCADABR is unclear. I'm not saying that these aspects are unknown, but its not clear from looking at the website. I can sort of work it out, like Mango was open-source, someone forked scadaBR, and mango has become closed-source again? But what is the history?

    4. Little independent feedback. I can't find anything useful on Youtube, no mentions on Twitter. No case studies or in-depth reviews or comparisons.

    These are some ideas. I hope the developers and user community do not take offence. It's a great piece of work and I'd like to see it really take off.

  • Hi emdeex,

    first mango is not open-source anymore.

    @2 this is a special topic with special questions for special hardware, for special ... , so its better not to expect a vast community.

    @3 You can assume ScadaBR as open-source successor of mango.

    @4 this means huge effort without pay or benefit for the programmer, go and search for apache commons-math on YouTube, Twitter .... ;-)
    But, YOU can change this.