@terrypacker thanks, but this is very unfortunate, as I am not thinking of "a much nicer page" in that I probably have 20 pages: most have dozens or hundreds of points. Converting by hand would be very tedious.

Is there a reference that explains how to recreate dashboard structures that are equivalent to existing structures used in the graphical view? For instance, the "Simple point" data structure normally shows the point value. On mouseover, a pop-up point links to the point details, and shows a pop-up default graph. Would I have to recreate that behavior in the dashboard from scratch?

Similarly, the "complex point" structure shows a table of Simple points, each with the Simple point mouseover behavior; binary points show pop-up default tables on mouseover. Would I have to write all that too, or are there equivalent data structures? Last time I looked at the dashboard a couple of years ago, I did not see a built-in way to replicate this behavior without going low-level. Even if there is an equivalent structure, mousing and clicking around to recreate each point would take ages because there are so many.

What is available to speed this conversion?